Bullet Time Arena – Custom Game Mode (CS:GO)

This is a custom game mode I got from an idea on /r/globaloffensive where someone asked if a mod was available that basically enabled “bullet time” in CS:GO.

So this got me thinking about making an arena style map with Deagles and Knives only at about 70% of the game’s normal speed.

How it works:

  • At the start of the round, a logic_auto triggers the server command host_timescale 0.7 to be triggered 6 seconds after players spawn in, this allows for the freeze time to not take forever (hooray!).
  • For the same reason as the 6 second delay at the beginning of the round, as soon as the round ends the game speed goes back up to 100% to stop the round end screen from going on forever.

Built in Valve Hammer.

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