The TUNED Summer Festival has come and gone again for 2019 and boy did it bring the big guns!

Sunday (Feb 17th 2019) turned out to be an absolute scorcher in Melbourne with some crazy heat hitting cars and visitors at Greaves Reserve in Dandenong.

The day started out super early for myself at a pre-meet with Conspiracy Crew, a relatively small, up-and-coming car club in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne at a local BP truck-stop in Dandenong.

For those not too familiar with the car scene and car meets in particular, pre-meets are a great way to group up and chat with other like-minded car enthusiasts prior to the main event. The other benefit of this is being able to all drive into the meet and park up together.

In the case of Conspiracy Crew, they regularly have a dedicated space reserved for them at TUNED meets for their members to park together.

Sunday’s meet might have been the largest car meet I’ve ever been to in Melbourne! There were cars as far as the eye could see and the entire complex was filled. There was a crazy variety of cars to see, from your standard JDM imports all the way to modern supercars, such as the McLaren 650S. One of the display cars was even an R34 Skyline GT-R rocking an RB28 as well as the Nissan Z-Tune body kit! (I wasn’t able to get close enough to find out if it was an actual Z-Tune unfortunately, but if it was, they are some of the rarest Skylines to ever be created (with less than 20 of these model of R34 ever being made!)

You can always trust Tuned’s meets to a huge hit in Melbourne. Being in the eastern suburbs, it gives people of all ages, genders and tastes in cars the opportunity to meet up, chat and see what everyone else has been working on too.

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